Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Spring Trend Breakdown... Favs & Fails

So I'm always on the hunt for the "next big thing" in the beauty world, now don't misunderstand me - I like what I like... trendy or not! However, sometimes you can get some fun inspiration from what's current and seasonal.

Through my magazine, internet, and television searching... here's a few of the trends worth mentioning (for one reason or another)


Rose gold on the face. Gold is always a flattering and seasonless shade, but what's fresh this season is a pink undertone.... it can be on the lips the face or the eyes - above is a Bobbi Brown shadow.

Pretty blues on the nails. I've never been a fan of baby blue on the nails.... or anywhere on the body for that matter - but when it's the perfect medium shade, it looks springy and fun. Above is one of the best in my opinion, Turquoise and Caicos by Essie.

YOUR perfect nude. I'm a fan of nude lips, I know it's cliche and done to death, but I can't help it! What's new about nude this season is the understanding that it depends on your skin tone which shade you should wear. The pink-toned nude above is from covergirl... and nude lipsticks with pink in them, tend to be the most universally flattering.


Bright Neon Eye Shadows. I'm all for neon colors in spring and summer... I wear them on my nails constantly. But this is just going too far! I don't even like this look on the models walking the runway. I certainly don't want to see it on the girls walking at the mall!

The Top Knot Bun. I know this is a controversial pick, because it really seems to be all the rage these days... but come on. I don't mind "shabby chic" but this is what I look like when I've been home with the flu all week. To me it's not fashion forward at all, it reminds me of the "beehive" style of the 60's (think Amy Winehouse) and it's just not that cute!

These are just my opinions.... wouldn't mind your imput!

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