Tuesday, July 26, 2011


I've been reading a lot of blogs lately... even though I love watching people wax poetic about cosmetics on youtube... there's just something exciting about the choice of words and photos people use to fill their blog. Call me old fashioned :)

Anyway... there are so many wonderful blogs out there in cyberspace... blogs that are just so inspirational, whether they are about life, or if they are focused on my particular vice (beauty & fashion). So I thought I would share a bit of what inspires me.... in the way of a lust list.

(come on, this is a beauty blog at the end of the day, perhaps later I'll share some personal inspiration)

Black Dior Studded Wedges
I won't lie to you and say that these shoes are in any way practical or appropriate for my life.... but oh just look at them. I'm a sucker for studded leather!

Soleil Tan De Chanel

I've wanted this product for so long I barely think it will live up to the hype I've created, Even so, it MUST be mine! I've had the pleasure of swatching it, and the texture/color is perfection.

Dolce and Gabbana Sequined "Miss Kristen" Tote
When I saw this online I gasped... literally, out loud, at my desk.... at work (get it). Everything about this screams me (except the $2000 price tag) The sequins... the soft brushed gold (loud yellow gold is NOT my color) Wow... Just wow.

Escada Taj Sunset
Rarely does a scent consume my thoughts.... but ever since Sephora sent me a sample, I cannot get my mind of this sweet, fresh, wonderful summer scent!

I could go on.... but I'll save it for another day in need of some inspiration!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Caps... Gowns... And some last minute makeup!

I can't swear this post is 100% beauty related… but I will definitely add some pictures of my makeup and accessories!
WHAT A WEEKEND. I work for an early childhood education center, and this past weekend was our Pre-K Graduation / Moving up ceremony…. All I can say is wow. This ceremony has been my "child" for weeks… months now,  And the day of the event  I nearly missed it - ANNNND very nearly looked like complete garbage for it. I worked on last minute details until 6:30am the night before - or morning of. And spent the whole actual day, running around, finalizing and trying to direct those around me. By the time all 200 or so guests started arriving, at 5:30…. I had to excuse myself so I could shower and slap on some makeup and a dress!!! All my dreams of looking "perfect" and straightening my hair into a lovely do, flew right out the window!
BUT overall the event was amazing and although I was almost an hour late in the end - it all went over well. Here's  a few shots of what I rushed to do with myself:

Here's a look at my makeup... I used pretty much all new stuff from Too Faced (see me "haul" it here - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OhEajzLG3v8)

And here I was trying to show off how nice my new bronzer looked topped off with a glowy coral blush, but since the lighting SUCKED, it's just a look at my earring

Sorry if this is creeptastic, but here are the shoes I wore (had to do flats)

And here's an extremely awkward self portrait/view of the dress, lol

Finally, here are my nails... my nails that chipped terribly that evening! I wore "paradise pink" from Milani & I love it.

And last but not least.... here's a picture of my dog Sunday night.... very happy I was finally home :)

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Out with the old....

Two posts in one day... this is history in the making :)

Although I have many other things I can be doing on my computer right now (work related things I've been majorly procrastinating to do all evening) - I just needed to share. I just performed a nail polish over-haul... threw away about 14 bottles that I literally just had for the sake of having them. They were old, they didn't look the same as when I bought them and I CERTAINLY never wore them. But as any cosmetic "collector" (and I consider myself someone who is a shopaholic much more than a collector) it's hard to throw away your beauty products!!!!

I was walking around the dollar store this evening and a cute little pink bucket of sorts caught my eye and I thought I neeeeeeeded to store my polishes in it. I also knew they wouldn't all fit, so that was my inspiration. Now that it's over - I must say it feels just fabulous!

p.s. I agree it's a bit random.... but I think Milani might just be my next favorite brand of polish! Gorgeous colors and formulation - and a gorgeous price tag to match!

Bargain Beauty: A Surprising Find

One of my favorite things to do is wander around my local dollar stores beauty department. Although I love the products found exclusively behind the pretty glass displays at the department store... nothing is quite as exhilarating as a good value :). The dollar store I frequent has a wonderful range of cosmetics... from loreal to ELF and everything in between. They carry discontinued items as well as overstock, and I can literally spend hours combing through.

One of my most recent purchases, which looked quite uninteresting was a double sided eyeliner (truthfully I bought it because it came with a jumbo sharpener!!!) It's LA Colors brand, which I've never tried.... but the pigmentation of this pencil rivals my favorite Tarte pencil. It's creamy... the color is rich.... and it stays put on the waterline.... this is a stand out product!

The Black Side:

The Brown Side:

Both Smudged Out:

I don't believe this exact product is still available, but if it's any representation of how LA Colors is as a brand... run don't walk!