Friday, October 12, 2012

4 of My Favorite Highlighters... that you might not have tried

I do love a glow... even when I'm wearing a shimmery blush, the temptation to add a sweep of highlighter is too strong to resist - it just seems to make my whole look pop and really wake up my face. Quite frankly, I own a shameful amount of highlighting products (more than any face needs, and more than I care to admit!) but I thought I'd put together a little post, sharing a few of my favorites that aren't necessarily "cult favorites" and that maybe some of you fellow beauty junkies might have never tried, or even seen.
ELF "Blush" - Gotta Glow
And then in swatch form....

This is truly a beautiful highlight, I suggest a light hand to avoid any chalkiness.... but for $3.00 it's nearly perfect, if you need a High End comparison - think Nars Albatross (white gold).
Maybelline Dream Mousse Bronzer
And swatched...

Now this isn't marketed as a highlighting product at all, but rather as a bronzer, but on my skin tone this is a lovely golden highlight.... not too much shimmer, just enough gleam. If you have any experience with the dream mousse range, you know the texture is lovely, and blending is a breeze!
Benefit - Girl Meets Pearl


This is such a nice highlighter, almost to the point that if I wasn't wearing any makeup at all, I'd consider (perhaps not try - but definitely consider) applying it all over my face! It's pink toned, but really does leave a "pearlescent" finish.
Tarte Celebutante

It doesn't show up so well in swatch, but...

This is totally different than all the other's, the main difference being that this is an oil-based, moisturizing highlighter, meant for use on the body. It has no real color, but features the prettiest micro-shimmer. No matter what it's intended use - I love this blended onto my cheekbones, it's natural and glowy and shimmery perfection.
Let me know if you've tried any of these.... and if you have the same love affair I do! Happy highlighting my dears!


Thursday, September 27, 2012

Lipstick Love

So.... as you can tell from the very clever title, this post is dedicated to one of my favorite cosmetic obsessions... LIPSTICK! And one lipstick in particular, "Rimmel Moisture Renew", the title alone brings me glee :)
This lipstick is not new on the market and it's not even new to my collection, but while rummaging through my lipstick drawer last night, I thought to myself, "self... these beauties are worth sharing." I can't imagine anyone who wouldn't like these lipsticks, but if you're like me and are prone to very dry lips... you will LOVE them. Everything from the shiny purple packaging, to the creamy, luxurious formula is perfection. This is by far the best drugstore lipstick I've ever purchased!
Without further ado.... here are my 4 beauties.




And last but not least, here's a completely gratuitous midnight "selfie" just to say hi!
 (still wearing Burgundy Shine, which is quite a bit darker than it looks)

Hope every one's well... let me know if you love these lipsticks as much as I do!



Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Excuses Excuses... and lots of makeup :)

Sheesh…. Once again, it's confessions of a crappy blogger! And during my absence from the blogesphere, I have missed it greatly. Makeup and beauty is always on my mind…. It's a sickness (but a beautiful one). Since my last post - so much has happened, life selfishly got in the way of my cosmetic addiction. I left my job for a month, while we restructured my position, and also I've recently moved…. In with a man…. To a smaller place…. WITHOUT MY MAKEUP COLLECTION…. That brings me to the point of this bittersweet post.  I miss my over-full draws of makeup and cups full of cosmetic brushes desperately…. But for the last 6 months I have survived, and even thrived - with just 2 makeup  bags! Even as I type it, I can't believe it. One bag is some miscellaneous blushes, highlighters and lip products that I pretty much wear when I'm dressed up and going out…. And the other is my regular day to day stuff (please note… and be proud, that the only makeup I've purchased in the last 6 months is replacements of  foundation, setting powder, mascara, and bronzer) So without further rambling… let me introduce you to the REAL ESSENTIALS…. The ride or die products, that if all my makeup was taken from me (gasp) would sustain me. (and p.s. my makeup will find a home with me, sooner or later…. My fella is just gonna have to accept it! That collection is worth more than I even like to admit!)
*photo heavy* 
1.        Covergirl CG Smoothers Foundation (inexpensive, lightweight & moisturizing, and generally fabulous!)
2.        Covergirl Professional Loose Powder (holy grail)
3.        Covergirl & Olay Simply Ageless Eye Concealer (notice a covergirl theme)
4.        Hard Candy Glamoflauge Concealer (thick as could be… would cover anything)
5.        Revlon Photoready Bronzer. (matte bronze heaven)
6.        Benefit Dallas Blush
7.        MAC Mineralized Skinfinish - Soft & Gentle
8.        Milani Eyeshadow in Copper Excess (luminous coral cheek heaven)
1.        Maybelline Volum Express One By One Mascara (forget the falsies… this stuff is amazing)
2.        YSL Eyeshadow duo in #39 (photos don't even do justice)
3.        MAC - Digit
4.        My MAC Quad
5.        Too Faced Endless Summer Quad
6.        MAC - Satin Taupe
7.        Covergirl Eyeshadow - Champagne (amazing for eyes and cheekbones)
8.        Revlon Colorstay Liquid Eye Pen (best liquid liner pen, I've ever used)
9.        Revlon Colorstay black eye liner pencil
10.     Milani Color Brilliance Eye Pencil - Green
11.     NYX Cake Powder (holy grail brow powder!)
1.        Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain- Charm
2.        Maybelline Babylips - Grape Vine
3.        MAC -  Freckletone
And just like that you're all caught up.... Hopefully I'll be back MUCH sooner next time!

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Another FOTD - because I'm a busy / lazy blogger

I hope everyone is loving this beautiful weather as much as me... of course I would love it way more if I didn't have to spend most of my time working in an office and missing the sunshine. But regardless, just knowing it's out there is enough sometimes.

I haven't been purchasing makeup much at all lately, just refills of essentials like foundation, setting powder and black liner. This wasn't really a conscious choice I've just been super busy. But the lack of new, has forced me to dig back into my collection and start using things I've neglected... which isn't a bad thing at all. So without further rambling... here's my Thursday/Workday - makeup.

The Face.....
Covergirl CG Smoothers Tinted Moisturizer, Covergirl Professional loose powder, the HG ELF bronzer, and just a light sweep of a super shimmery pink blush.

The Eyes....
(in order of application) Benefit Creaseless Cream Shadow - RSVP, MAC Shadow - Digit (lid and inner corners), Mac Shadow - Trax (crease), Too Faced - Magenta Moon (outer corner), Covergirl - Champagne (brow bone). As always i use NYX cake powder on my brows, almay liquid liner on top and Revlon Colorstay (black) in the waterline.... plus two coats of Maybelline Falsies Flared Mascara.

And Just Because I am soooo in the Spring Spirit...... (total sarcasm - this was an accident).........
My nails match my shadow today.... I finally gave up my black nail polish last night and opted for my favorite lilac shade... this is "Nice is Nice" by Essie.

Til we meet again...............

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Absent-Minded Blogger..... FOTD

I swear sometimes I forget about this blog all together.... strange considering I read beauty blogs pretty much on a daily basis - but mine I neglect and forget. Go figure.

Anyhow, the weather in New York has been lovely this week and the sunshine and blooming flowers are getting me excited for all the spring/summer makeup to come! (EVERYTHING looks better with a little tan!) Here's my Face of today... just an ordinary Wednesday at work.

On The Mug: Neutrogena Healthy Skin Makeup, Covergirl Professional Loose Powder, Bronzer from ELF bronzer & blush duo (HG BRONZER!), ELF Candid Coral Blush.

On The Eyes: Benefit Creaseless Cream Shadow in RSVP (allllways!), Stila - Kitten on the lid, Two random browns from ULTA in the crease, NYC liquid liner on the top, Revlon Colorstay liner on the waterliner, Stila Smudgestick - Lionfish, smudged on the lower lash line, Maybelline the Falsies Flared mascara..... sheesh that's a lot, for such a basic and neutral look!

And for your final viewing pleasure (sarcasm, indeed).... here's a shot with some natural light. The other two are taken at my desk. The lipstick I'm wearing is from Essence.... called "Creamy Nude" it's amazing.... pink based, my lips but better, non drying perfection.

Hope anyone reading in this is doing well.... happy & healthy and loving life.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Spring 2012 Makeup Trends: Fab or Fail?

I did a post very similar (or perhaps completely identical) last year around this time.... so who am I to mess with tradition. This year I pretty much liked all the spring trends spotted on the runways... my only complaints are really about seasonality and personal preference. Anyway... on with the show.


Red Lips

I never was the biggest fan of red lips (at least on me).... but lately I have become obsessed. I am happy to be seeing this look carry over into spring.

Winged / Cat Eyeliner

Personally, my liner always needs a little flick.... so this is just a staple. An oldie but a goodie!

Bronzed "Sun-Kissed" Cheeks

Bronzer as blush is lovely in the sunny seasons.... gives you a healthy and effortless look.

Gorgeous Glowy Skin

To achieve this lovely and fresh-faced look you need lots of sleep.... a flawless foundation.... and a damn good highlighter!


Super Bold Brows
This is the one trend that I noticed more than any other on the runway models... and while I am a fan (I've been sporting bolder brows myself for the last few months), it doesn't scream FRESH and SPRING when I see it.

Silver / Super Metallic Eyes
I love silver shadow as much as the next girl... maybe more. But, I find the look a little too ice queen.

Big Doll-Like Lashes
I do love me some lashes! Pile on the mascara and the falsies as far as I'm concerned... but it just feels slightly heavy and un-spring like compared to bronze glowy skin.

Dark Smokey Eyes
This one is the hardest to label a fail because I love my smokey eyes year round... especially for evening. But when the sun starts shining and the weather starts warming up, I think less becomes more.

That's my roundup... any other spring trends you've seen that you love or hate?

*P.S. I take no credit for these images... they were acquired by a simple google image search and absolutely no copyright infringement is intended*

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Getting in the spirit....

Technically it's still winter, I mean it's only February, but here in NY the last few days have felt like an early spring (such a thrill!) and in keeping with the lovely weather, my makeup today (even my outfit actually) is "monochromatic with a pop of pink" not exactly a new concept, but it feels springy and fresh to me!

I wore grey wide leg trousers, with my favorite studded walmart flats....

A bright pink ruffled tank and a simple black cardigan.....
(pardon the blur as well as the odd face... I've been at work ALL day)

My eye makeup is a blend of shimmery neutrals and grey

MAC "Dazzlelight" on the lid, MAC "Print" in the crease, a charcoal almost black Tarte shadow in the "outer V", and more dazzelight on the browbone. Liquid liner and Maybelline "Falsies Flared"

Gotta have the signature glow... even if we're keeping it neutral!

That is ELF bronzer (from the duo), Benefit "Dallas", and MAC "Soft and Gentle"

The pop came with the perfect barbie pink lips, to match my shirt and my mood...
ELF (ONE FREAKIN DOLLAR) lipstick in "Flirtatious"

How is everyone else showing their excitement for spring?