Friday, October 12, 2012

4 of My Favorite Highlighters... that you might not have tried

I do love a glow... even when I'm wearing a shimmery blush, the temptation to add a sweep of highlighter is too strong to resist - it just seems to make my whole look pop and really wake up my face. Quite frankly, I own a shameful amount of highlighting products (more than any face needs, and more than I care to admit!) but I thought I'd put together a little post, sharing a few of my favorites that aren't necessarily "cult favorites" and that maybe some of you fellow beauty junkies might have never tried, or even seen.
ELF "Blush" - Gotta Glow
And then in swatch form....

This is truly a beautiful highlight, I suggest a light hand to avoid any chalkiness.... but for $3.00 it's nearly perfect, if you need a High End comparison - think Nars Albatross (white gold).
Maybelline Dream Mousse Bronzer
And swatched...

Now this isn't marketed as a highlighting product at all, but rather as a bronzer, but on my skin tone this is a lovely golden highlight.... not too much shimmer, just enough gleam. If you have any experience with the dream mousse range, you know the texture is lovely, and blending is a breeze!
Benefit - Girl Meets Pearl


This is such a nice highlighter, almost to the point that if I wasn't wearing any makeup at all, I'd consider (perhaps not try - but definitely consider) applying it all over my face! It's pink toned, but really does leave a "pearlescent" finish.
Tarte Celebutante

It doesn't show up so well in swatch, but...

This is totally different than all the other's, the main difference being that this is an oil-based, moisturizing highlighter, meant for use on the body. It has no real color, but features the prettiest micro-shimmer. No matter what it's intended use - I love this blended onto my cheekbones, it's natural and glowy and shimmery perfection.
Let me know if you've tried any of these.... and if you have the same love affair I do! Happy highlighting my dears!