Thursday, February 23, 2012

Getting in the spirit....

Technically it's still winter, I mean it's only February, but here in NY the last few days have felt like an early spring (such a thrill!) and in keeping with the lovely weather, my makeup today (even my outfit actually) is "monochromatic with a pop of pink" not exactly a new concept, but it feels springy and fresh to me!

I wore grey wide leg trousers, with my favorite studded walmart flats....

A bright pink ruffled tank and a simple black cardigan.....
(pardon the blur as well as the odd face... I've been at work ALL day)

My eye makeup is a blend of shimmery neutrals and grey

MAC "Dazzlelight" on the lid, MAC "Print" in the crease, a charcoal almost black Tarte shadow in the "outer V", and more dazzelight on the browbone. Liquid liner and Maybelline "Falsies Flared"

Gotta have the signature glow... even if we're keeping it neutral!

That is ELF bronzer (from the duo), Benefit "Dallas", and MAC "Soft and Gentle"

The pop came with the perfect barbie pink lips, to match my shirt and my mood...
ELF (ONE FREAKIN DOLLAR) lipstick in "Flirtatious"

How is everyone else showing their excitement for spring?

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Could it be....

...Have I been wrong all along, is less really more when it comes to makeup?!? Last night before bed (okay not bed... another 2 hours on the phone), I was just about to take off my makeup and I thought to myself "Self... I kinda like the smudged out/faded way my makeup looks now better than I liked it this morning when it was all neat and precise" Strange.... anyway, here's my makeup after about 17 hours of wear!

And here's what was left of my eye makeup...

This used to be.... "Print" (MAC) on the lid and outer corner, blended into "Satin Taupe" (MAC) in the crease, and "Kitten" (Stila) on the brow bone... with some winged liquid liner and maybelline "Falsies Flared" mascara.

So.... is understated the way of the future?

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Milani LOVE...

Run don't walk to your local CVS (at least that's where I went).

I'm not someone who really follows the new drugstore makeup collections, or any makeup collections actually... But while dangerously browsing the cosmetic aisle at CVS this past weekend, I found the loveliest new stuff from Milani. Milani has been developing quite the buzz over the last year or so, and personally all of the products I've bought have been winners. The new collection of eye shadows seems to be no different. I bought two (which took great restraint!) And one is my current obsession!

Meet ''Copper Excess'' the baked beauty, that's stolen my heart (dramatic but true)
This is a combination of bronze, copper, peach, and amber... It's so gorgeous.

Dry on left, wet on right (natural light)

Dry on left, wet on right (artificial light)

 Here's a look at the other two Milani shadows I own... On the left is ''bronze doll'' which I've had for years... And adore, its a super warm bronzey gold. On the right is ''Antigua'' which is a part of this new collection... Its a hunter green with a gorgeous gold duo-chrome.

The only thing wrong with ''Antigua'' is that all the fabulous gold glitter is merely an over spray.

 I highly recommend ''Copper Excess'' its unique and lovely. Check out the whole collection for yourself here:

Any must-haves... Or already-haves?

Friday, February 10, 2012

Long time no see...

It has literally been forever and a day (or two) since I've posted here... life has really gotten in the way of my cosmetic addiction! I figured to get my feet wet (or fingers really) I would kick off with a good old Face Of The Day post... which incidentally are my favorite types to read. It's just a typical Friday morning.... this may seem like an excessive amount of makeup to use for work, but I don't believe there is such a thing as an excessive amount of makeup!

On my face I used...
(left to right)
Covergirl Natureluxe Silk Foundation (suede), Revlon Photoready Translucent Finishing Powder, ELF Bronzer (from blush and bronzer duo), Benefit Dallas, MAC Mineralized Skin Finish (Soft&Gentle)
*favorite cheek combo, by the way*

And here's the outcome...
gotta have the glow!

On my eyes I used...
"Swish" from MAC all over the lid, "Texture" all over the crease, a random Avon dark brown in the "outer v" and under the lower lash line, and the lightest shade in my Physicians Formula highlighter on the brow bone, Almay Liquid liner on top, Mally pencil in "espresso" on the water line, and my new favorite mascara "Falsies Flared"

All that became this....
I truly LOVE pink eye shadows

My lip combo...

The cult favorite "Airy Fairy" lipstick from Rimmel, and my favorite nude lip gloss Sally Hansen 12-hour diamond lip treatment "Princess"

And voila... the finished product...

I make strrrrrange faces in photos :)

On a side note - I am over the winter, although New York has been spared awful weather and storms, I am still craving spring/summer. So I ditched my usual winter Black or Blackened Plum nail polishes and busted out the neon pink (glitter on top OF COURSE)... instant mood lifter

Happy 2012 since I haven't posted since... hope it's fabulous for all!