Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Milani LOVE...

Run don't walk to your local CVS (at least that's where I went).

I'm not someone who really follows the new drugstore makeup collections, or any makeup collections actually... But while dangerously browsing the cosmetic aisle at CVS this past weekend, I found the loveliest new stuff from Milani. Milani has been developing quite the buzz over the last year or so, and personally all of the products I've bought have been winners. The new collection of eye shadows seems to be no different. I bought two (which took great restraint!) And one is my current obsession!

Meet ''Copper Excess'' the baked beauty, that's stolen my heart (dramatic but true)
This is a combination of bronze, copper, peach, and amber... It's so gorgeous.

Dry on left, wet on right (natural light)

Dry on left, wet on right (artificial light)

 Here's a look at the other two Milani shadows I own... On the left is ''bronze doll'' which I've had for years... And adore, its a super warm bronzey gold. On the right is ''Antigua'' which is a part of this new collection... Its a hunter green with a gorgeous gold duo-chrome.

The only thing wrong with ''Antigua'' is that all the fabulous gold glitter is merely an over spray.

 I highly recommend ''Copper Excess'' its unique and lovely. Check out the whole collection for yourself here: http://www.milanicosmetics.com/p-101-baked-eyeshadow-marble.aspx

Any must-haves... Or already-haves?


  1. I love the gold wet and dry! Is that the Copper Excess? I love the wet and dry difference. I didn't know that it made that much of a difference..

    But anyways!




  2. It's super metallic when wet, and much more gold... it's a lot more peach when it's dry, awesome either way though. It is copper excess!

  3. So pretty!

    I followed you. Found you through Beautylish. Hope you could drop by my blog and maybe follow back. :)))