Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Could it be....

...Have I been wrong all along, is less really more when it comes to makeup?!? Last night before bed (okay not bed... another 2 hours on the phone), I was just about to take off my makeup and I thought to myself "Self... I kinda like the smudged out/faded way my makeup looks now better than I liked it this morning when it was all neat and precise" Strange.... anyway, here's my makeup after about 17 hours of wear!

And here's what was left of my eye makeup...

This used to be.... "Print" (MAC) on the lid and outer corner, blended into "Satin Taupe" (MAC) in the crease, and "Kitten" (Stila) on the brow bone... with some winged liquid liner and maybelline "Falsies Flared" mascara.

So.... is understated the way of the future?

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