Friday, March 2, 2012

Spring 2012 Makeup Trends: Fab or Fail?

I did a post very similar (or perhaps completely identical) last year around this time.... so who am I to mess with tradition. This year I pretty much liked all the spring trends spotted on the runways... my only complaints are really about seasonality and personal preference. Anyway... on with the show.


Red Lips

I never was the biggest fan of red lips (at least on me).... but lately I have become obsessed. I am happy to be seeing this look carry over into spring.

Winged / Cat Eyeliner

Personally, my liner always needs a little flick.... so this is just a staple. An oldie but a goodie!

Bronzed "Sun-Kissed" Cheeks

Bronzer as blush is lovely in the sunny seasons.... gives you a healthy and effortless look.

Gorgeous Glowy Skin

To achieve this lovely and fresh-faced look you need lots of sleep.... a flawless foundation.... and a damn good highlighter!


Super Bold Brows
This is the one trend that I noticed more than any other on the runway models... and while I am a fan (I've been sporting bolder brows myself for the last few months), it doesn't scream FRESH and SPRING when I see it.

Silver / Super Metallic Eyes
I love silver shadow as much as the next girl... maybe more. But, I find the look a little too ice queen.

Big Doll-Like Lashes
I do love me some lashes! Pile on the mascara and the falsies as far as I'm concerned... but it just feels slightly heavy and un-spring like compared to bronze glowy skin.

Dark Smokey Eyes
This one is the hardest to label a fail because I love my smokey eyes year round... especially for evening. But when the sun starts shining and the weather starts warming up, I think less becomes more.

That's my roundup... any other spring trends you've seen that you love or hate?

*P.S. I take no credit for these images... they were acquired by a simple google image search and absolutely no copyright infringement is intended*

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