Monday, July 11, 2011

Caps... Gowns... And some last minute makeup!

I can't swear this post is 100% beauty related… but I will definitely add some pictures of my makeup and accessories!
WHAT A WEEKEND. I work for an early childhood education center, and this past weekend was our Pre-K Graduation / Moving up ceremony…. All I can say is wow. This ceremony has been my "child" for weeks… months now,  And the day of the event  I nearly missed it - ANNNND very nearly looked like complete garbage for it. I worked on last minute details until 6:30am the night before - or morning of. And spent the whole actual day, running around, finalizing and trying to direct those around me. By the time all 200 or so guests started arriving, at 5:30…. I had to excuse myself so I could shower and slap on some makeup and a dress!!! All my dreams of looking "perfect" and straightening my hair into a lovely do, flew right out the window!
BUT overall the event was amazing and although I was almost an hour late in the end - it all went over well. Here's  a few shots of what I rushed to do with myself:

Here's a look at my makeup... I used pretty much all new stuff from Too Faced (see me "haul" it here -

And here I was trying to show off how nice my new bronzer looked topped off with a glowy coral blush, but since the lighting SUCKED, it's just a look at my earring

Sorry if this is creeptastic, but here are the shoes I wore (had to do flats)

And here's an extremely awkward self portrait/view of the dress, lol

Finally, here are my nails... my nails that chipped terribly that evening! I wore "paradise pink" from Milani & I love it.

And last but not least.... here's a picture of my dog Sunday night.... very happy I was finally home :)

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