Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Out with the old....

Two posts in one day... this is history in the making :)

Although I have many other things I can be doing on my computer right now (work related things I've been majorly procrastinating to do all evening) - I just needed to share. I just performed a nail polish over-haul... threw away about 14 bottles that I literally just had for the sake of having them. They were old, they didn't look the same as when I bought them and I CERTAINLY never wore them. But as any cosmetic "collector" (and I consider myself someone who is a shopaholic much more than a collector) it's hard to throw away your beauty products!!!!

I was walking around the dollar store this evening and a cute little pink bucket of sorts caught my eye and I thought I neeeeeeeded to store my polishes in it. I also knew they wouldn't all fit, so that was my inspiration. Now that it's over - I must say it feels just fabulous!

p.s. I agree it's a bit random.... but I think Milani might just be my next favorite brand of polish! Gorgeous colors and formulation - and a gorgeous price tag to match!

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