Friday, April 15, 2011

My Current Lust List

I know I'm double posting today.... BUT this just needed to be shared! These are the things I'm drooling over, saving for, and convincing myself I MUST own :)
(not in any particular order)

Where do I even begin with this.... Guess why do you know me so well. This is the "Bellissima Box Satchel" in pink of course... $130.00 at

Now I won't lie to you and say this is practical and would be worn frequently.... BUT LOOK AT IT. I'm on the hunt, for a perfect - wearable nude pump, this is not it, but it's just so amazing! These are the "Parker Pumps" by Signature Shoes, $250.00 at

I look at this bad boy nearly every day...  I love this watch and I just must have it! It's classy but still fun. Michael Kors -Clear Acetate Bracelet Watch.... $225.00 big ones @ but sooo pretty! 

I am a bracelet freak and these are so perfect! R.J. Graziano "Go Glam" Bangles. $59.95 at

Okay so what if I have enough makeup... I alllllways want more. This is an amazing value, rest assured I will have it! This is the Tarte "Beauty in a box" $36 at

I have been eyeing the UD <3 NY book of shadows since the first time I saw it... it's beautiful, it's Urban Decay, and It's NEW YORK! This runs about $56 at

So there's my list and I'm sticking to it... what have you got your eye on lately?

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