Monday, April 11, 2011

Fab trend or Fail trend - BRIGHT cheeks

I'm kind of a blush freak, it's certainly one of my all time favorite makeup items to play with and buy in excess! It's ironic too, because I used to never ever use it (I was a bronzer ONLY type of girl). Personally, I always pack on quite a bit of  blush, because for me and my tastes... it doesn't have to look super natural!

The trend of super pigmented super bright blushes is NOT for everyone, but it is for me :). Even worn in a toned down way.... (just a few dabs, blended extremely well) bright cheek colors really wake up your entire face, this a look that's certainly bold but not clown like if done right!

Here's one of my favorites - a HOT pink color, that has a lovely sheen but no shimmer (if the color is this intense, you should probably avoid the glitter!)

And here it is on my cheeks today... please note that this is just me on a dreary Monday morning... I don't reserve these looks just for the night time - I love a "pop" for work!

Happy blushing!

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