Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Spirit Fingers....

...And the spirit I'm talking about is spring fever!!! I've always painted my nails and enjoyed pretty polishes, but lately I've become somewhat a fanatic! So even though I'm sure you've seen this a millions times by now if you follow the "beauty community" - I'm going to do it too... here are my Top 5 Spring Nail Polishes

This is "Limo-Scene" by essie, and it has been on my nails at least once a week lately... it's a milky pale pink and it's perfect!

This is "All about you" by sinful colors, even though it looks dark the crazy gold/bronze glitter reflects all kinds of red, green, and coral colors... I love this, even though it takes about 8 shade to become totally opaque :)

This is "Minted" by revlon... BELIEVE THE HYPE.... this is a creme finish, perfect mint green.... perfect in 2-3 coats. It's on my nails right now as I type!

<3 This color!! This is my signature shade in summer (amazing against a tan) but I'm pulling it out in spring too. It's cheap as could be - but gorgeous... maybe my all time favorite polish. Peachy coral creme... amazing!

"Disco Lights" by milani. I wish I had a picture that could do this more justice.... PURE PINK GLITTER GORGEOUSNESS. It's full coverage in 3 thick coats... and lasts forever. It is so so pretty. So girly... just good!

What do you love on your nails all spring long?

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