Friday, June 10, 2011

So many bracelets.... So little time!

Long time no posting! It's been a crazy few weeks, and I will leave it like that!!!

I used to do "makeup of the week" videos on my youtube channel, which I liked - but were frankly quite annoying to edit! So I figured I would start a series something like that on my blog. BUT since all I ever really blog about is makeup, I figured I would change it up a bit... I dress fairly simple... I do like color and the occasional unique / funky item - but where I really go crazy is accessories, and my accessory of choice is a bracelet - hands down! So without further ado... here are my "Bracelets of the week" :)

This is a combination of 5 bracelets and one pearl necklace tripled.... I like this colorful combination!
It screams summer to me!

That black/silver bracelet is an all time favorite because it looks like a stack of bracelets in one... I paired it with a simple silver Tiffany bracelet and a big silver cigar ring on the other hand....

I love LOVE this  combination its a pink stoned stretch bracelet a medium width silver bangle and a big braided cuff with wood, silver and magenta beads (nice with a tan!) I got that cuff for 2 bucks at target by the way :)

Monochromatic with a pop of color! Again my favorite black/silver "string bracelet" a set of 3 NOISY gunmetal bangles and a turquoise stretch bracelet.

Let's see what next week looks like.... I'm expecting a package ;)

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